Top 100 Public Spaces in the U.S.

Campus Martius Park

Armed with a vision to create one of the best public places in the world, Campus Martius Park was re-established in the heart of downtown Detroit at the intersection of Woodward Avenue and Michigan Avenue. (The park was lost in the 1900s as the city's downtown was reconfigured to accommodate increased vehicular traffic.) Inviting citizens and key stakeholders to give voice in shaping the look and feel of the park, Campus Martius incorporated several placemaking strategies, providing for year-round activities. Now people gather day and night to enjoy music (on either of its two stages),watch outdoor movies, experience the flower gardens, water fountains and food, and engage with others on a seasonal ice skating rink (designed to resemble the Rockefeller Center rink). Campus Martius Park is the home of the annual Motown Winter Blast, an event that has drawn more than 450,000 people to the downtown area every year. Because of the park’s popularity, Detroit's central business district has seen numerous investments and increases in retail and loft developments. The park has played a prominent role in changing the image of, and inspiring the transformation of Detroit!



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